Slovakia. A land with rich traditions, habits and history. A land full of warm-hearted and hospitable people. We have combined all these elements into one unique place in the heart of Bratislava, into Koliba Kamzík. The place unique for its pleasant atmosphere of Slovak rurality, enriched by the sweet smell and taste of traditional meals and specialities of our home cousine. This atmosphere is accompanied by helpful ans hospitable staff, who wamth and hospitality will keep you accompany throught your whole meal.

Upper part consists of 45 seats.
Lower part consists of 30 seats.

Restaurant is non-smoking.

Terrace consists of 10 seats.

Open daily
11.00 - 22.00 hod.

Are you looking for a present for your lover? What about gifting him a voucher for a special dinner in Koliba Kamzík. Each voucher can be customised to your special needs.

Graduation time is coming...

Are you looking for a place for your graduation celebration?

Koliba Kamzík offers a unique place for graduation celeberation with the capacity up to 50 people. Besides the lower space, we also offer the upper space with the capacity up to 45 people. 

For the reservations and offers, please contact Koliba Kamzík at +421 903 703 111 or by email at

We are looking forward. 

Stylish gifts for you

Gift voucher 10 €
10.00 €
Gift voucher 20 €
20.00 €
The gifts may be order only for address in Slovakia.

Visit us

Koliba Kamzík
Námestie SNP 2
811 06 Bratislava

APLEND City, s. r. o.
Viliama Žingora 66
036 01 Martin, Slovensko
Open daily
11.00 - 22.00 hod.

Restaurant Koliba Kamzík Premium: +421 903 998 111